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4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love fireworks, and I want to show you some that I think are really pretty. I hope you like them!

Sometimes I like simple fireworks like this,


but most of time I like fireworks like this.


I also really like fireworks that reflect off of water like this.


I love all the colors! It’s amazing how crazy they look.


These ones look cool, but it will never look as cool no matter what type of camera you use.


It’s so crazy how sparkly fireworks can be!


Wow! That looks CRAZY!

Wow look at that. It’s red,blue, and a little bit white.


If you like flats you will like this. Recently I found out that flats go perfectly with almost everything! I want to show you some flats that I thought were super cute! I hope you enjoy!


 I’ll now show some more colorful flats.


The other day I was looking on Google Images to find a contact picture for my best friend, I saw so many cute best friend necklaces, braclets and so many cute little signs witch completely inspired me for this new post. Hope you enjoy!







Nail polish

I don’t where nail polish but I still think that it is pretty cool! I picked out some nail polish colors and designs that I liked. I hope you like them! ENJOY 🙂 















Autumn Trees

Last week my family went up to Minocqua for a family party, and up the its all woods and trees. I don’t think I have ever seen anything more beautiful than the autumn trees. I want to show you some autumn trees that I found on google. I hope you like them! 🙂





There is a heat wave and the first thing I run to is LEMONADE! I love lemonade! I think lemonade is so good! Do ever get the feeling on a cold day lemonade tastes good, but on a HOT day it tastes so much better but it is the same thing! I hope you love them! Don’t forget to comment and make sure to check out all of my other pictures too! ENJOY! 🙂


Tennis! :)

I love tennis! I think tennis is so fun! I tried tennis and I loved it! I will show you some pictures that I thought was cool. I hope you love them and make sure to comment! Don’t forget to look at all my other pictures too!

Ice cream!

I love ice cream! I will show you some pictures I found of some good-looking ice cream to show you! If you like some of them you should comment!  Don’t forget to check out all my other pictures to! ENJOY 🙂



I love desserts so much and I picked out some cool ideas for desserts!! I hope you love them all and make sure to comment! ENJOY!



This is the weirdest thing HEELS FOR TOMBOYS! Most tomboys might not want to ware real heels, but I found Nike Heels here are some pictures to show you. There are so many colors, make sure to look at all of them! I have never seen anything as COOL AS HEELS FOR TOMBOYS!! I would so ware almost all of them. I hope you like them all and don’t forget to look at all of my pictures! All I have to say now is………ENJOY

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